Payments not passed on to the Resident Parent

There is many cases where Paying Parents have been forced onto collect and pay, the Child Maintenance Service is making 20% from the Paying Parent but then the Receiving Parent is not receiving the payment which has been taken from the PP. Where is this money going and why are they withholding the payment this money is supposed to be for child maintenance and apparently the Child Maintenance Service is supposed to be lifting children out of poverty? 

In the past there has been CSA staff members syphoning money into their own bank accounts. You can see this here.

If you have similar experiences please come forward your help exposing this corruption will be greatly appreciated. 

We are aware the Child Maintenance Service has wrongfully been forcing people onto Collect and Pay as targets were set by the Director's. 




The next screenshot is incredibly bad as a Paying Parent and the child living with him were made homeless due to the CSA/CMS taking excessevive unsustainable amounts from him, then to addsalt to the wound they were not passing the money over to his ex-wife/partner. This is a blatant breach of section 2 of the Child Support Act 1991 which is their statutory duty. 


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