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If you have issues in your Child Maintenenance Service case the usual issue being fraudulent arrears you must report it to the Police, please go to Fraudulent Arrears Report to Police page which will help you of how to make a complaint to the Police. It is also worth writing a Formal Complaint via email use the email list below as it drags the vampire into the daylight as when you send a complaint via recorded delivery - yes you do have proof they received the complaint but that letter gets scanned and put in your file and most of the time they will ignore you. The best way to deal with this is to expose them via a bulk Formal Complaint email. When you use this email list you must copy and paste it onto notepad then copy and paste it to your email recipients.


I would just like to bring to your attention that the behaviour of the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance Service breaches the Rome Statute Article 7 Crimes Against Humanity and the UK has ratified the Rome Statute  The Government and Child Maintenance Service must be reported to the International Criminal Court for their crimes against humanity the email address is included in the email list below. 

The UK has the International Criminal Court Act 2001 see SCHEDULE 8 Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes: articles 6 to 9

Article 7 Crimes against humanity

1 For the purpose of this Statute, “crime against humanity” means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:

1 (k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.

2 (g)“Persecution” means the intentional and severe deprivation of fundamental rights contrary to international law by reason of the identity of the group or collectivity;

It could also be classed as Genocide reading through Article 6 (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;


You can contact the ICC investigators by going to the International Criminal Court

 Then you click on the Contact an Investigator

 Direct email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you are serving Armed Forces or a Veteran add these emails also,,,,,,,,,

Here is the Ministerial Responsibilities list which includes Minister's private office email addresses

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