Fictitious Arrears - Interim Maintenance Assessments inflated of up to 300%

The content below is transcripts of oral hearings, you will see members of Gingerbread attended some of these oral hearings and as being stakeholders of the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance Service they would have been made aware of the minutes of the hearings had there not been a representative in attendance. 

You will see in the transcripts below that Noel Shanahan confirms that most of the outstanding £3.8 billion of unpaid child maintenance is unenforceable due to most of these arrears being created by Interim Maintenance Assessments inflated of up to 300%

Mentioned earlier Gingerbread attended these oral hearings yet they have still been stating in articles in the media that there is £4 billion of unpaid child support. In this article by Marisa Bate on March 27, 2020 ‘My ex is using the child maintenance system to continue to abuse me’
Survivors say the CMS system is forcing them into poverty and allowing ex-partners to economically abuse them. 


You will see that Gingerbread is still saying that £4 billion of child support arrears is unpaid - yet Gingerbread attended these oral hearings. It is clear that Gingerbread is knowingly misleading the public and whipping up a frenzy with the single parents. The CSA/CMS have a very nasty habit of giving the receiving parents false expectations by informing them that the paying parent owes them thousands in arrears when in most cases this is not true. This obviously causes conflict between the receiving parent and the paying parent. This conflcit often leads to parental alienation which is a form of abuse. 

Here is a very interesting article written by Voice of the Child. The £3.8billion question….Child maintenance arrears

Another very interesting point to bring to your attention before moving on to the transcripts of the oral hearings. The Child Maintenance Service is supposed to be encouraging private arrangements yet Tom McCormack who was Director of the Child Maintenance Group who was moved on to the Marine Management Organisation in 2019 was instructing his staff to force people on to Collect and Pay.

Voice of the Child did have an article regarding this issue, but I believe the Child Maintenance Service had this article removed as it was embarrassing for them. Luckily the article is still available to see on the web archive website.  CMS “Collect and Pay” targets and leadership performance meetings

The CSA/CMS have a habit of having content and webpages removed which is embarrassing for them.

Notice how the media is still stating that £3.8 billion is owed in arrears when it was confirmed that most of the arrears is unenforceable? Why is the media still publishing such inaccuraccies? According to the BBC the Unpaid child maintenance backlog in UK is £3.8bn


Noel Shanahan: I think the £3.7 billion or £3.8 billion is really a legacy of the past. This is arrears going back over the last 19 years. About 50% of it is due to the Secretary of State, as well; it is not all due to parents. Through that time-10 or 15 years-a number of assessments were made incorrectly. There was a period of time when punitive maintenance agreements were put in place, frankly. If one parent disappeared and we tried to track them down but couldn’t get hold of them, we made an assessment of their income that was punitive to try to chase them down and frighten them into contacting us to put a proper maintenance agreement in place. 


 UNCORRECTED TRANSCRIPT OF ORAL EVIDENCE To be published as HC 1047 -ii Wednesday 15 June 2011 Maria Miller MP, Dame Janet Paraskeva and Noel Shanahan See -Q150 

Noel Shanahan: I think there are some severe question marks over the figure of 3.8. The work that the Department and CMEC have done identifies that, going back many years, we used to create something called an interim maintenance arrangement. Essentially it was a number that was brought up to say to the nonresident parent, "This is how much you will have to pay," and used as a bit of a lever when they would not give us their pay and information, which we have to ask for. So actually it was inflated, and it seems to be inflated by about 300%. When they did not pay, all those numbers have gone into the arrears. The truth is actually those arrears are somewhat inflated because of the tools that we used up to 18 years ago. 

In 2016 the National Audit Office received a high volume of complaints about the Child Maintenance Service issuing arrears to people without any evidence, this is actually common practice of the CSA/CMS. The report by the National Audit Office was released in March 2017 and it was damning. 

You can see the report here 

It is very clear that there is an issue with the CSA/CMS staff handing tens of thousands of pounds of arrears to Paying Parents accounts, thius is blatant fraud, false accounting and financial misconduct. 

The Child Maintenance Service just like it's predecessor has a habit of abusing their powers and like the CSA there is no proper redress for those who have been damaged by blatant fraud and misconduct.  The complaints system currently in place is heavily biased and broken.

Tony's comment was in response to Anne Widdecombe's article about forcing Ian Sandwell to suicide over fictitious arrears, the article can be seen here

Here is an article from 2008 which appeard in the Telegraph -  Coroner slams CSA after fathers hanging death


Fictitious arrears! Victims of fictitious arrears have come forward to speak of their plight, the conduct of the CSA/CMS is criminal, to say the least. The CSA/CMS has been creating fictitious arrears and for those who have properties they will take your property for fictitious arrears, you will see this in the case of Tim Crawley. The first video is of Bambos Charalambos being evicted, the Child Support Agency had given him £64,000 of fictitious arrears. They ignored his complaints and ignored the fact that the property belonged to his brother they went ahead with this excessive enforcement. In this video, you will see Bambos's elderly mother pinned to the floor by the Police and you will hear her screaming. I find it most peculiar how the Police tell us when we approach them with evidence of fraud by the CSA/CMS that it is a civil matter, but they turn up to assist an illegal eviction? Going forward a year or so the CSA had to return the property to Bambos Charalambos's brother and in 2018 £58,000 of the fictitious arrears was written off. The remaining arrears is still in dispute, the harm and severe distress caused to Bambos and his mother was totally unnecessary. The Attorney General was shown this video but has ignored the correspondence, Ministers are fully aware of this fraud and corruption but turn a blind eye to it.

Illegal eviction by the CSA. Property theft by the CSA

                                         Mark McLeish Veteran hounded for fictitious arrears

                     Tony Booth Veteran forced to pay fictitious arrears to his ex-wifes husband

                            Alexander Whyte hounded to the point of suicide over fictitious arrears.

                                           Tim Crawly home stolen for fictitious arrears

                                            Lee Windsor Royal Navy Veteran fictitious arrears

                                            Lee Windsor Royal Navy Veteran fictitious arrears

                                           Ian Briggs father of Gavin Briggs R.I.P.

                                            Tony O'Neill suicidal Firefighter

Noel Willcox serving Reservist - EXTREME Case of welfare concerns for his daughter which went ignored by the CMS.